In these more challenging times, it is the continued support from our existing patrons and,
we hope, any additional support from new patrons which will help ensure that Exeter Musical Society continues to produce quality entertainment for the next hundred years.

Box office takings rarely cover the cost of production and it is therefore essential that we find new ways and means to generate additional income to help safeguard the future of the Society.

You can become a Patron of the Society for as little as £15 for an individual or £25 for a couple; there is, of course, no maximum limit and one-off donations will always be welcomed.

If you would like to become a Patron then we would love to hear from you. Please contact our Patrons’ Secretary by emailing and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Partons Concert is usually every June and more details can be found in Upcoming Performances.  In 2014 the Patrons Concert will be incorporated into the 110th Anniversary concert in November.

The society is registered charity No. 268991 and donations can be made, if you wish, as Gift Aid. The Patrons’ Secretary will be pleased to supply you with the necessary form.

Current Patrons of the Society

Mrs M. Barr
Mr D.R.J. Bennett
Miss Bickers
Mr & Mrs P. Billington
Mrs T. Blaker
Mr & Mrs Boswell
Mr D. Burgoyne
Mr R. Coombs
Mr & Mrs Domaille
Mr R. Ellis
Mr & Mrs J. Evans
Mrs P. Field
Mrs D. Gardner
Mr & Mrs J. Glanfield
Mr D. Hathaway
Mrs V. Hughes
Mr & Mrs N. King
Mr D. Lane
Mr & Mrs E. Luffman
Mr & Mrs P. Luffman
Mr & Mrs T. Macan
Mr & Mrs J. Moore
Mr & Mrs D. Passmore
Mrs C. Perry
Mr J. Potter
Mrs A. Pyne
Mrs S. Rendle
Miss Rowe
Mrs S. Southard
Mr & Mrs K. Spencer
Mr & Mrs M. Williams